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Client Testimonials

“As a law office focused primarily on personal injury and family law, it’s invaluable to have a partner like Doug Cronk for our real estate transactions. His responsiveness, professionalism and knowledge is extraordinary. I never hesitate to put my clients in his hands. I honestly don’t think we would touch real estate work again if we didn’t have Omega.”

– Paul R. Cantilina, Esq.


“I have complete confidence and trust in Doug Cronk and his staff at Omega. They handle things in an expeditious and professional manner. Closings are no longer the nightmares they used to be—thanks to Omega.”

– Michael A. Purvin, Esq.



“I have always found Omega to be professional, thorough, and prompt – not to mention unfailingly pleasant to work with. Having Doug Cronk and his team by our side for real estate closings definitely makes them a value-added service provider.”

– Robert E. David, Esq.


“With the increasing complexity of lender documentation and pre-closing work, it’s very helpful to have Omega working beside us. The fact that they have the expertise to handle that portion of the transaction allows us to better focus on client needs.”

– H. Carleton Clinch, Esq.


“ASB prides itself on understanding the value of each and every customer, and we make it a priority to treat them fairly and with respect. It’s never a question that Omega understands and upholds our vision. The positive impressions Doug, Patty, and Melissa have left with our clients when closing their loans remind us of what an invaluable partner they are.”

– Richard D. Powers, Vice President and Senior Business Development Officer, Atlantic Stewardship Bank



“We rely on Omega staff to handle our refinance closings, and we are never disappointed. Many title companies say they can be flexible, but Omega actually delivers on that promise. I have called them in the afternoon to try to schedule a surprise closing the same evening, and it’s never questioned – they just happily get it done.”

– Aaron H. Galileo, Senior Loan Officer, Investors Bank

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