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In Title Insurance

By OSettlement

About the New Jersey Title Search

On 13, Apr 2016 | No Comments | In Title Insurance | By OSettlement

A title search is a procedure performed by a New Jersey title insurance company like Omega Settlement Services when a parcel of property is being transferred to new ownership. The purpose of this report is to investigate the history of the property through relevant records for any variances or irregularities associated with the property.

The process of a title search begins with searching for and retrieving physical documents from the various books at the County Clerk’s office. The collected documents are then reviewed and analyzed to see how each affects the property. Deeds establish chain-of-title, but sometimes those chains are broken. Title searches start with the most recent deed, searching the seller’s name backwards in time, until the deed when they acquired the property is located. That name is then searched backwards in time and this process continues. Title searchers also look for proof that encumbrances are paid, and they look for easements, rights-of-way, and other elements affecting title to the property. They can also search marriage, death and tax sale records to piece title together.

Included in Omega’s New Jersey title insurance services are abstract and search services including statewide lien searches, public record searches, flood hazard searches, wetland searches, tidewater searches and UCC-1 searches. In addition, document services including electronic title order entry and real-time tracking, mortgage and transfer tax calculations, deed preparation and the recording and filing of documents are offered to all clients. A leading NJ title insurance company, Omega has also extended its services to include witness closings, disbursements, receipt of payoffs, title issue resolution, flexible closing locations and times, and a wealth of other services for mortgage professionals, real estate professionals and more.

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