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The Omega Difference

There are a lot of title agents out there these days, but Omega takes a different approach. We know we need to provide fast and reliable service, but we also hold ourselves to a few other key standards:

Avoid Surprises. A lot of people like surprises, but we know our clients don’t. We understand that the title commitment can often be the last step in getting your transaction closed, so we work hard to keep a clear and frequent line of communication. If there are issues, you will know about them immediately, and we will take the lead in helping get them resolved.

Solve Complexity. Trying to close on a New York property with a corner of the lot in Massachusetts? Dealing with a New Jersey-based client with a vacation home in Colorado that needs to be refinanced at the same time? We can help with multi-state issues by leveraging our affiliation with a national network of title insurance providers.

Embrace Technology. Paper certainly plays a big role in our business, but it doesn’t mean we can’t take advantage of technology. We continually seek to bring new and convenient technologies to our clients, including iOrderExpress, a real-time title order entry and status system that allows you to view documents electronically.

Provide Education. While some title problems are unique, there are common themes to many of the issues that arise. We offer our clients free, on-site, catered luncheons for staff members to learn some of the pitfalls that can be avoided early in the mortgage application process.

Let us show you what makes Omega different.